Healing Audios

Our short audios are based on empirical evidence for relief from pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Welcome to a safe, gentle, and empirically proven method of relieving your pain, anxiety, or sleep concerns.


As a cancer survivor and an experienced health care professional, I understand the importance of inner healing for optimal health and wellbeing.

After years of working in neural reprogramming, I have found my passion in carefully crafting each of these audios to help support your mind and body’s healing. It has been an honour and a joy to hear how many people have benefited from listening and responding to these audios physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I trust you will also find them helpful, happy listening!

Jo Clarke

Registered Nurse, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist

What can I say. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jo as it has been life changing for me. The pace and structure of Jo's audio was brilliantly delivered and something I looked forward to each day. On reflection, I did not realise how much I needed this audio, even my family and friends have noticed a positive change in me. Thank you, Jo, for providing a platform of profound personal growth.

Your voice is very hypnotic. I listen to the sleep audio when my mind starts to wander, which often keeps me awake at night. The audio has been so helpful. Thank you.

How do Healing Audios work?

Each audio is designed to gently re-align your subconscious and internal thinking, moving you from limiting and non-helpful beliefs to more beneficial ones.

Our brains are like a computer system. 90% of our thinking is run by our subconscious brain. These audios guide those thoughts to be more positive and of your own making, creating a new neural pathway leading to your inner healing.

Your mind learns through repetition, so these 15 min audios will calm your mind, body, and nervous system, which ignites your cells to heal and find relief.

The theory and success of each Transformational Mind Audio is based on the ground-breaking research on the organ-mind connection. Each audio has been crafted utilising Jo’s medical background and experience as well as the research conducted by Lifestyle Prescription University.

Jo has mastered the art of tying the exact linguistic to the body’s energy and physiology in the recordings she creates. Jo’s words speck straight to the cell in healing, rejuvenating and activating the areas of concern.

I have worked with Jo on specific issues such as chronic back pain, which has completely resolved.

More recently however, due to time constraints and wanting to maintain my wellbeing throughout what could be preserved as chaotic times I am utilising Jo generic recordings to resolves episodes of IBS and neck pain. I can now understand why my unconscious mind would try to use the fight and flight to protect me but I now have the understanding that it is no longer necessary and even detrimental to react as such. I am now doing things I haven’t done in years and have not experienced the slightest bit of anxiety since. My only regret is that I did seek out this type of treatment sooner. I learned there is no mind that can’t be retrained. You changed my life Jo by helping me out.

Why get Jo's expert audios and not a freebie on YouTube?

Jo has been empowering her clients to find inner strength and belief in their own healing for many years. She genuinely cares about the well-being of people, leading her to create these audios to help as many people as possible, beyond those she sees one on one. 

She’s witnessed first-hand how they help her own clients, and indeed herself as she navigated her physical and emotional healing from cancer.

It’s her combination of training and respect for modern medicine plus years as an Intensive Care Nurse, combined with Neuroscience training, that brings the best of both worlds to provide inner healing to support people’s lives, those of their families, and hopefully yours.

Medical Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), Sydney University.
  • Diploma of Nursing Educator, TAFE
  • Clinical Facilitator, TAFE
  • Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing, Australian Catholic University.
  • Diploma in Nutrition, ACNT
  • First Aid Training, TAFE

NeuroScience Qualifications

  • Masters of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mind Body Connection
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Marissa Peer; and Mind Body Connection
  • Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Marissa Peer
  • Positive Psychology, Mind Body Connection
  • Quantum Neurobiology, Lifestyle University
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Lifestyle University

Coaching & Teaching

  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.
  • Rapid Results Coaching, Authentic Education.
  • Health Coaching, Lifestyle University

Thank you for the audio. Incredibly relaxing and soothing. You voice helped direct my mind to confidence and letting go. Wow!

Love the audio, have been listening regularly and noticing a shift in my mindset.

The audios

3 Healing audios for ultimate calm and relief.

Pain relief

Imagine what it would be like for you to be relieved from pain and to feel at ease in your body.
This unique audio has been created to help shift the energy and emotion that can be connected to your pain based on the growing research surrounding the organ-mind connection. Listening to this audio will assist your healing and help you find relief from pain.

Anxiety, panic
& stress relief

Imagine feeling relaxed, grounded and with inner calm and control.
This audio has been crafted to help subconsciously rewire your mind to embody a life free of anxiety and panic. Discover the freedom from the limitations that anxiety and stress has caused you in the past. With regular use, this audio will help you find relief and feel calm.

Insomnia relief

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, rested, and restored.
This audio will help you find a sense of relaxation in nurturing the inner-mind connection, leading to deep sleep and restoration. By listening to this audio each night, find yourself embracing a rested and steady sleep. This audio will support you in waking up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to start your day relieved from fatigue.

Each audio is:

  • Easy to Download
  • 21 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Individually crafted & recorded
  • Based on empirical evidence
  • 30 years of experience to rely on
  • Non-invasive and safe

The more you get, the more you save:

$14.95 for 1 audio
$24.95 for 2 audios
$35.95 for 3 audios

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Disclaimer: These audios are not a replacement for medical intervention. They are designed to support and integrate inner healing.

Frequently asked questions

The healing audios aren’t specifically meditation, though they have been carefully designed to have similar benefits to meditation, with a strong focus on mind body transformational therapy.

Each audio is a maximum 15 minutes to be listened to daily for 28 days.

Find long-lasting relief by listening to the audio recording once per day for 28 days.

Yes!  We recommend you sit or lie down to listen. 

NO as it might make you sleepy.

Continue and let this support your overall healing.